Brian Beswick

Brian Beswick

Brian joined the league around the early 1970s, playing for Mossley Brow who later became Mossley A. The team also played at Dukinfield Town Hall and currently at Yorkshire Ward in Mossley. He was their captain for over 20 years and could play whist, snooker and billiards, but preferred to play billiards although his only individual trophy was Runner Up at snooker.

During his time in the league Brian held the offices of Chairman and President of the league and even when he was not on the committee he would regularly attend management meetings. [Read More]

Trevor Burrows

Trevor was introduced to the league playing for the St.Paul’s team by Gordon Clay approximately 30 years ago (around 1987). One of his boys Nigel playing cricket for the Junior side at Staley St Paul’s cricket club, and then for the 1st XI once he had matured.  Nigel then followed his father into the St. Paul’s billiards and snooker team. [Read More]

Gordon Clay

Gordon passed away earlier this year and although he had not been active in the league for the past year or two he will be sadly missed. He had a long career in the league both as team member of Christ Church and committee member and league president.

He always enjoyed his Thursday nights out and could play cards, billiards and snooker when required.

Alun Davies

Alun Davies

Alun first linked up with our league in 1975 as part of the police team.  He always enjoyed the camaraderie that was key to the longevity of the league and that was the main reason he stayed in the league.  He once said with a broad smile “It’s competition , but friendly competition. We play to win, of course, but if we lose it’s not a disaster”.

Alun was shown how to play billiards as a youngster and he once  said “I learned to play billiards from my dad and we had a billiards hall just up the road from where we lived. Occasionally he would take me up there and show me how to play and that’s why I play billiards now.” [Read More]

George Fletcher (1930-2005)

George Fletcher

George Fletcher

It is some 5 years ago now that the league secretary received a letter ‘The Sportsman Inn’ Hyde regarding putting a team into the league.

For all of us in the league, apart from his team mates at the Sportsman this was our first encounter with this character we came to know as ‘George’. They did indeed come to join us in fellowship and friendly sporting contest, but it was George who was the moving force behind the team. It was he who got his team of young and old pub colleagues together to forge what become more recently a force to be reckoned with in our league. The Sportsman deservedly lifted their first trophy in their first season…[Read More]

David ‘Roy’ Nelson (1944-2011)

Winner of the Sportsmanship Award 2008-2009

David ‘Roy’ Nelson

Roy died on the 9th July 2011 after a fight against cancer. Roy has been in the league under 10 years and has acquired a reputation as a sporting opponent and over his years with us has won trophies in snooker and billiards on an individual basis and in whist and snooker/billiards on a team basis. Roy represented both St Georges A & B and his highlight of the career must be his award as sportsmanship trophy winner 3 years ago. He was a true gentleman and will be sadly missed.


Ken Wilkinson (1929-2007)

Ken Wilkinson

Ken Wilkinson

Ken joined the league in 1954 and had little chance to play regularly until St Pauls B was formed and he was asked to be its captain. He soon started to develop the young players in his team.

Ken soon became involved in league management having to attend meetings on behalf of his team. The team prospered under his leadership both at cards and on the table.

He became league secretary in 1974, a post he held for 4 years, until pressure of work forced him to resign. Ken played for the A team during his time in the league and when the team folded he ceased playing for a few years due to ill health…[Read More]