The Berry Cup

In 1954 the league introduced a new team cup competition for billiards and snooker to run along side the existing league competitions. This was played on a round robin basis.

In the early years of the cup the title was won by St. Pauls, Hob Hill and Stalybridge Congregationalists.

Over the past 20  plus years the rise of both Mossley A and Mossley B seems to have dominated this competition with Mossley A winning the title slightly more than Mossley, St Georges B, Sportsman, Dukinfield and Christ Church have also won multiple trophies.

The Taylor Cup

To complete the quartet of trophies the league introduced this competition in 1962 and this is a whist trophy.

Over the early years the main title winners were Hob Hill Guild, Christ Church and St. Pauls. In more recent times Mossley A, Mossley B, St. Pauls and St Georges B [Now St Peters] have made this trophy their own.

From the information available the most successful team in the competition overall seems to be St. Pauls who won the title over 11 times.

The George Fletcher Memorial Trophy

Previously known as The Challenge Trophy

The league decided that with effect from the start of the 2005/06 season there will be a new team cup competition called The Challenge Trophy, now been renamed The George Fletcher Memorial Trophy.

This will be on a similar line to the Charity Shield played for in the professional football leagues.

The snooker league champions were at home to the Berry Cup winners and the first game was at the end of September 2005 when Mossley A played St Georges B at Yorkshire Ward.

Since inception there have been winners from both Mossley clubs, both St Georges teams and The Sportsman. Mossley A have won more trophies so far.

The Gordon Clay Memorial Trophy

In the season 2009/10 the league introduced The Gordon Clay Memorial Trophy in honour of one of Christ Church’s greatest team members and it is a Whist cards challenge trophy, where the League winners play the Taylor Cup winners.

Since inception Mossley B and St Georges B/St Peters have won multiple trophies.

Individual and Doubles

Historically the league has always had Individual Billiards and Individual Snooker competitions running alongside a Doubles Snooker competition, but several years ago we added a second Doubles Snooker competition in the form of The Roy Nelson Trophy. This meant that we had a completion where you could pick your partner as well as one where the pairings were drawn before the competition.

To add to the variety within the league we also have a Whist Drive which started several years ago and recent additions of a darts 501, a darts Round The Board, 6 Reds and from 2016/17 a pool competition.