This page is designed to provide details of how the league started and the various teams that have played in the league since inception in 1910.

Early League History

The league started in October 1910 and one of the founder members were Hob Hill Guild who only purchased their snooker table the previous year. Hob Hill were awarded the league trophy outright in 1932 after they won the trophy for 4 consecutive years.

Over the early years of the league the title was won by St Johns Dukinfield, Hyde PSA, Christ Church Stalybridge, Mossley Temperance, Ashton Parish Church (The leagues initial champions), Old St Georges Stalybridge, Roughtown YMI Mossley and Abney Institute.

here were no matches between 1915 and 1918.

The Middle Years [1932 to 1980]

Having looked at the first 20 years of our history we can now look at the next 50 years of champions.

Over this period 5 clubs seemed to dominate the league snooker competition and these were Hob Hill Guild, Christ Church, St. Peters, St. Pauls and Mossley A.

These clubs seem to swap places regularly over this period but from the information available Christ Church seem to have won most titles, closely followed by St Pauls and St Peters.

The league was suspended during the war years.

Recent Years [1981 to 2010]

The roll of honour has changed dramatically over the last 24 years mainly because some earlier title winners have left the league by this time.

The most prolific team now is perhaps Mossley B who have won the snooker league title over 8 times closely followed by Mossley A.

Hob Hill continued to win titles over this period and Dukinfield won the title on 3 occasions. In more recent years the league has been won by Mossley B, Park Bridge Institute and the Sportsman. Since 2004 Mossley B and The Sportsman have won the league twice whilst in the Berry Cup , St Georges B have won the trophy 3 times.

Card League Review

It is easy to forget that in the early years the teams in the league not only played snooker and billiards but also whist. The format for the card competition  has changed drastically over the years.

In the early years of the competition the titles were shared by Hob Hill Guild, Christ Church, St. Peters and Stalybridge Congregationalists.

Over the period up to the 1990s we have seen the rise of St. Pauls and Mossley A as champions on a regular basis and more recently Mossley B and the 2 St. Georges teams have had some success.

Since 2004 St Georges A have won the card league twice whilst St Georges B have won it three times.In the Taylor Cup Again St Georges B have been successful twice, as have Mossley A.

The cards league was suspended during the war years.