Trevor Burrows

Trevor Burrows (????-????)

Trevor was introduced to the league playing for the St.Paul’s team by Gordon Clay approximately 30 years ago (around 1987). One of his boys Nigel playing cricket for the Junior side at Staley St Paul’s cricket club, and then for the 1st XI once he had matured.  Nigel then followed his father into the St. Paul’s billiards and snooker team.
Trevor joined the team as it had just merged with the Christ Church team which included Alan Johnson, Brian Jacques and the late Trevor Schofield. At this time, the team played out of the Dukinfield Community Centre and then Dukinfield Town Hall. Trevor then took charge of one of the teams illustrating one of his attributes, the willingness to shoulder responsibility, and to organise a team week in, week out.
He was a steady snooker player with a confident eye for the ” straight pot.” He held a zero handicap whilst others perhaps with greater potential were playing with more generous handicaps but never complained. His play was very undemonstrative, and a wry smile would creep across his face when the ” run of the balls ” went his way, but on the flip side a glance of resignation appeared when things didn’t quite go his way.
Trevor was a ” Team ” player and when the St. Paul’s club moved to new surroundings at the “Beaky” club in Cockbrook he began to try his hand at playing billiards. Although most weeks he was getting beaten due to the handicap he was given, often giving players 20-30 start it showed his determination to better himself and eventually became a good player putting short breaks together with a variety of shots.
He was an avid player of whist, despite some early basic errors went onto become a reliable partner and become more adept at the finer points of the game.
Trevor was one of the main instigators of moving the St. Paul’s team to the Stalybridge St. Paul’s Cricket Club, where he actively got some cricketers to start playing, which resulted in two teams being formed.
Trevor was a team member that captains crave for, ever reliable and present, adaptable and would step in to manage as and when required.
Trevor has been sorely missed, not only by the league but his family and friends too !