Code of Conduct Code of Conduct, Expected Behaviour & Punishment Guide

The code of conduct is a set of rules which govern the expected behaviour of all the members of the league.When you sign to appear in the league you are agreeing to abide by the rules as set out in the code of conduct.

Members who are deemed to have acted in a manner contrary to the code will be subject to disciplinary action, and shall be asked to appear in front of a disciplinary committee for judgement on the matter.

Members wishing to protest about the behaviour of a member or a team in the league must do so in writing,to the League Secretary within 48 hours of the match at which the incident took place.

The League Secretary is empowered to convene a disciplinary committee to deal with all matters.

A disciplinary committee shall be made up of an independent chairman , and a representative from each of the non-invovled teams.

Each of the committee shall be entitled to vote in all resolutions.In the event of a tie of votes the chairman shall have the casting vote.

Each of the teams involved in the protest shall be entitled to have a nominated speaker ,who shall protect their interests in the proceedings. However they shall not have any voting rights in any resolution.The League Secretary shall keep accurate minutes, but shall have no vote in any resolution.

Any team member, who is adjudged by the disciplinary committee in a manner contrary to the contrary to the code, will be subject to one of the penalties in the punishment guidelines.

Anyone who wishes to appeal against a decision of the disciplinary committee should do so in writing within 48 hours of the decision, to be sent to the League Secretary along with a £1 fee.If your appeal is successful the £1 fee will be returned, if unsuccessful the fee will be retained, and a further fine may be added.

Expected Behaviour


1/ Should not distract other players whilst they are playing their game.
2/ Should not stand in the direct line of sight of players taking their shots.
3/ Should not use language that may be deemed as offensive by other members.
4/ Should refrain from shouting during games.
5/ Should refrain from standing directly behind players.
6/ Should not leave the table during play without permission from the referee.
7/ Should ask before smoking whilst at the table
8/ Refereeing – When refereeing, players are expected to announce the scores during the frame on a regular basis. Announcing these scores are at the referees discretion, however it is suggested that this should be done after a sizeable break (15 points or more) and in snooker, when the frame reaches the colours. Also, the referee should have the opportunity to clean the white ball during frames either when balls are pocketed, or where a player requests it. Venues should provide a suitable cloth for referees to use during match nights.
9/ Smoking – Over recent seasons, smoking breaks have become increasingly intrusive into match nights. Therefore, it is proposed that players are not permitted to leave the Whist match for a smoking break, without making sure another player can enter the game in their place. In addition, players waiting to play on the snooker table must ensure that they are ready to do so when required (ie. balls in place for break-off), within reason. There will be occasions where a player referees a game, then plays immediately after; In this instance, discretion should be allowed.

Possible Punishments


1/ A £10 fine to be paid prior to the next game the player or team are due to play.
2/ A match ban,time served at the discretion of the disciplinary committee.
3/ A competition ban.
4/ A league ban.

If a team is banned from playing, any matches during this period will be awarded 5-0 at snooker and a win at cards to their opponents.