Darran Beswick

Darran joined the league at the age of 12, when he joined Mossley B, and has stayed loyal to them until present day.

He has been captain for 24 years and during that time the team has won 12 Snooker League titles, 10 Berry Cups, 6 Whist League titles and 8 Taylor Cups.

When he first joined the league he played snooker but soon started to learn billiards at which he excelled and he is the holder of the lowest billiards handicap that the league has ever recorded of -111 in the season 2017.

As well as successfully leading Mossley B, he also has an excellent record in the individual competitions and has 6 Snooker titles, 5 Billiards titles, and 4 Snooker doubles titles. He has also won 2 pool tournaments, 2 darts knockouts and has been Whist Drive champion once.

He has been awarded the Leagues Long Service award in 2011 and was given The Sportsmanship Award in 2010, an award that is voted for by his fellow league members.

He has always loved playing in the league ,because no matter what standard you are everyone is always welcome and they get the best opportunity to enjoy whatever game they are playing, while making new friends. He is always willing to help anyone he can improve the way they play their games whether it is Billiards or Snooker.

During his time in the League he has been Handicap Secretary for a few seasons and is currently League President. He is still one of the league’s senior members and is an excellent role model for other league members.